Jewish Educational Leadership invites articles for the Summer 2020 issue focusing on:

Jewish Education in 2050

Education in 2020 is vastly different than it was in 1990. Advances in technology have changed the way we view classrooms, roles of teachers and students, and even pedagogic objectives. Geographic distances are less relevant than ever. Information is easily accessible. Identity is fluid.

Within Jewish education, there have also been dramatic changes. Educational trips to Israel have increased dramatically. Day school populations rose and fell. Jewish camp populations skyrocketed. Synagogues suffered in DIY and post-denominational world. Central agencies and foundations were created and closed. Greater professionalization improved much of the functioning of educational organizations but often drove the costs beyond the reach of the middle class.

What will Jewish education look like thirty years from now? Even more important, how do we understand the current trends and directions – in the sociology of the Jewish community and in educational trends – so that we can anticipate, plan, and dream of what Jewish education in the future could and should look like? How do we imagine Jewish learning? What might schools look like? What will be the role of teachers? What other forms of Jewish education should we be thinking about?

Articles are 1000-2000 words and are intended for a readership which includes educational professionals and interested lay people. Please send abstracts, final copies, or questions to the  Editor-in-Chief, Due to the current health crisis, the deadline for submissions had beenextended until further notice. Please be in touch with Zvi Grumet for information.